5 New Mobile Games to Try This Week

We get to see new games every day, but are they all worth your time? We have collected the best new mobile games for you to try.

Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store are overflowing with lots of games nowadays. So you really have to decide what you really wanna play. There are a lot of addictive games and you can’t ignore them. But the thing is that we don’t really have that much time to download every single game and then play it. Of course, nobody has. So, this is exactly why we are writing this article. We have created a list of 5 new mobile games you can try this week. Let’s start!

5 New Mobile Games to Try This Week

Below is the list of the games of the week, you can definitely give them a try.


New Mobile Games

The first one on our list is Vikingard that is developed by Netease Games Global. It is actually a role-playing game. Players will have to engage in thrilling brawls, reclaim lands, and go for an idyllic farm life by growing crops as well. You can also find a mate, build a home and start a family in the game and also sire the next heir and it will have to take over the leadership of the tribe.

The players can also enjoy the characters that are fully developed, dynamic gameplay as well as pretty good engaging narratives on the game. 

  • Valiant Viking warriors, heroic valkyries, and various high-quality animated heroes will follow your command.
  • You can go on many voyages and explore the world. From Scandinavia to continental Europe, an incredible adventure is waiting for you.
  • You have to deal carefully with many issues. You can join or create an alliance in the name of the Nordic gods yourself in the strategic Alliance Clash.


Cat Museum

Cat Museum is actually a 2D side-scrolling puzzle-adventure game that is developed and published by 751Games Co., Ltd. You guys has to solve the odd puzzles alongside your mischievous cats. However, as long as you go deeper into the museum of cats, you will start discovering the truths about your own past. Cat Museum features pretty creepy stuff so it actually sets itself apart both from a visual standpoint as well as with its subject matter. 

The game actually starts with a protagonist that is falling through a wardrobe, where he feels a mysterious as well as faint breathing sound underneath. So you guys have to figure all this out. The full game is unlockable at $2.99 as well as your local equivalent.

  • A real 2D side-scrolling puzzle adventure game.
  • You have to search for strange clues that help you reveal the truth of the protagonist’s childhood actually.
  • You can also Interact with your mischievous cat and enjoy its playful company too.


Kingdom Catastrophes

Kingdom Catastrophes is a role-playing game developed by Beat The Book Studios. Kingdom Catastrophes basically lets players craft their own fairy tale masterpieces across a wide variety of choices and ending, in order to make storytelling more engaging for children as well. You can play this game with more than four players across 20 fairy tales and it has more than a hundred humorous endings. You will also have an in-game week in order to save the kingdom.

  • It has 1-4 players co-op storytelling as well as role-playing.
  • It is a fun game for kids and also for adults along with many twists and comedy.
  • You can explore 20 fairy tale locations.
  • Also, earn gold in order to buy potions and weapons.
  • You can unlock many stories and discover tons of hilarious endings.
  • Build your strength, magic, and charisma to bash, blast as well as bluff your way to the fairy tale situations.


GrubDash Driver

GrubDash Driver is a simulation game developed by EF Universe Games LLC. This is a pixel-art game and it has a food delivery driver sim that lets the players grapple along with the harsh realities of unemployment in the year 2020. You have a bill to pay and the good news is that there is a GrubDash food delivery platform that is recruiting delivery drivers. So, you not only have to play the delivery game to maximize the customer growth rate, but you also have to take care of your own abandoned place too.

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  • You can upgrade your house from a pretty tiny starter home to a sprawling McMansion. Then fill in your house along with expensive trinkets and doodads.
  • There are seven stats to upgrade, also including strength to carry larger orders, intelligence to find better-paying orders, charisma in order to receive more cash tips, dexterity to improve walking speed, as well as education level.
  • You can also pick up food from six unique restaurants and then deliver it to a variety of individuals in many different neighborhoods.
  • Just maximize your customer ratings and earnings. In order to do that, just pick up food on time, deliver it on time, keep it warm, and provide outstanding customer service as well.
  • You have to complete up to 60 life milestones and become the food delivery driver that you guys have always dreamed of.


This Is A True Story

This Is A True Story is an educational game developed by Netflix and exclusively available for Netflix members. This game takes its players on a really unique journey via a hand-painted world in a water quest. It has a narrative that is actually based on real interviews as well as events. The players will learn how to catch poachers, pass over harsh lands, survive through rough and disastrous weather, and also drive pesky animals out as well.

  • An original story that is based on real events and interviews.
  • It has amazing hand-painted art.
  • Pretty simple and intuitive controls.
  • A lot of pretty exciting chapters you can explore.
  • Has an original soundtrack.



So, these games are the best 5 new mobile games you can try this week. You guys should try them and then give us feedback on it how you really like or dislike the games. That’s all. I am now wrapping up this article. For further queries and issues, you can also comment below and we’ll get back to you soon.