A Musical Story is Now Available On Play Store

A Musical Story

A Musical Story is available now. The entire band has arrived. It’s time to head on the road for an adventure you’ll never forget.

In a tale without words, use music to reveal the memories of guitarist Gabriel. And follow the band’s ups and downs as they work toward their goal of performing at the famed Pinewood Festival.

A Musical Story

  • There is a Digital Deluxe Edition (and with a 10 percent launch discount). 
  • And it comes with the complete game, an official soundtrack with 26 original songs, a digital artbook with in-game and unused pictures, and six wallpapers.
  • In Addition, A Musical Story is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, iOS, and Android.

Release date:

It will be available on PC and Mac on March 4th. And priced at $14.99 and with a 10% launch discount for a short period on Steam (and other marketplaces). And if you haven’t already then add the game to your wishlist. 


  • In this year’s Independent Games Festival Awards, it got two ‘Honorable Mentions.’ It was honoured in the categories of ‘Excellence in Audio’ and Excellence in Visual Art.
  • And with over 400 entries, A Musical Story being shortlisted TWICE is a fantastic achievement and credit to the creator Glee-Cheese Studio’s abilities. 
  • In March, as part of GDC 2022, the IGF Awards will be held.
  • A Musical Story is also a finalist in the ‘Best Audio’ category at the forthcoming Taipei Game Show ‘2022 Indie Game Awards’ (winners will be revealed later this month).
  • It won Best Art Direction at the Indie X Awards at the end of last year.

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MIX event:

You may experience the first ten chapters of it right now by downloading the free demo from the shop page. And make sure to check out the MIX Next event website.  See all of the other wonderful indies in the showcase.

AG French Direct, French firms made a convention dedicated to games, recently featured A Musical Story. Any French speakers may watch an interview with Charles from the development team here.

RTP Arena also interviewed Charles, who works at developer Glee-Cheese Studio as a game designer and co-composer.