Afterplace, Indie RPG Adventure Coming This June


AfterPlace is a really interesting pixel art adventure that is designed by just a one-person team named Evan Kice.

It is landing on the Google Play store later this year and the month is said to be June. You have to read this entire article to know further about Indie RPG Adventure Afterplace, which is Launching This June. Let’s begin!

Indie RPG Adventure Afterplace

AfterPlace is an Adventure as well as an action game which is developed by Evan Kice. The game sees you guys exploring an interconnected world. You guys have to wander through forests and dungeons in order to find loot, you have to fight with enemies on the way and explore. The controls of the game are really simple that hide a much deeper experience as well.

The life in the game world actually rolls on if you guys are looking or not. People come and go, monsters actually wander to new pastures, as well as conversations change the directions of NPC’s lives too. After place features a new trailer that showcases the game’s fun little quirks, NPC encounters, also forest exploration, dungeon crawling, and shopping too. However, things are not always what they seem, as the trailer also hints at something threatening behind the scenes. However, there are obviously bigger things at work here if you guys go deeper into the narrative, and you guys might just discover creepy as well as unexpected things in your travels.

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The game also has a true adventure without even any waypoints, so the player is free to go out into the massive open world and just discover secrets on their own. One thing more is that there are also no virtual buttons. So you can actually touch anything and anywhere in order to move, attack, and interact along with whatever you guys like. It all sounds pretty great and it’s because of the land on the Play Store in June. You guys can check out After place via checking out its official website by just tapping right here.


Alright. I am eagerly waiting for the game to arrive on the Play Store since the game sounds really fun. I hope you like this article. Please give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.