Ancient Board Game Collection

Ancient Board Game Collection

Klemens Stresser, an IOS developer company, presents us with the Ancient Board Game Collection. Which has both local and online multiplayer modes. 

This game provides us with 9 different games that were known to be played many years ago. And was invented by the people of that century like Gomoku, Halatafl, and Latrunculi. The accessibility to the old games makes this app interesting and different from other board game apps.

Ancient Board Game Collection

Local and internet multiplayer is included in the Ancient Board Game Collection. As well as a training mode where you can compete against an AI. VoiceOver and VoiceControl make everything accessible. And all game boards may be zoomed in and out. 

It will be a free download. Allowing you to play multiplayer with friends without needing to buy the game for both of you. To unlock all of the game’s features, there will be an In-App-Purchase (1.99$).

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Release Date:

Currently, this game has been set to release on May 11, 2022. And is said to be a free-to-download game. That will include in-app purchases so the user can unlock all features provided. In the upcoming time, more ancient games are to be added to this app. To make it more enjoyable. The purchase price has not yet been announced.


Apart from the multiplayer and local modes, a training mode will also be available in the game. For the player to test himself against the AI. And learn more so competing with other players becomes easy. Players who have bought the game can also play with players who haven’t bought the game.

Voice over and voice control feature has also been said to be provided in the game. Which will surely prove to be really useful as it will help u relax. And command the whole game just by speaking into the mic of your device. Rather than using your hands to play it. For more details about this game, you can check it out on the app store.