Arabilis: Super Harvest Review – An Arcade Farming Puzzle

Arabilis: Super Harvest is a relaxing farming puzzle game in the arcade-style and we’ll share our thoughts in this Arabilis: Super Harvest review

You are responsible for planting, cultivating, and collecting veggies in gardens with a variety of challenges. Each season will bring a new garden for you to farm for points efficiently. Each year, the intensity and number of tasks you face will rise.

Arabilis: Super Harvest

Moment withdrawing from the world for a while may be a simple way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, you can definitely stay connected when you have a game like Arabilis: Super Harvest on your device.

About the Game

This slash farming puzzle game, created by former AAA developer Tim Overvliet, is all about producing crops, matching colors, and hoping for a successful harvest. The surprise is that, just like in real life, you’ll have to deal with unanticipated forces of nature that could blind you on a good day.

Arabic Graphics: A Bountiful Harvest

Arabilis: Super Harvest’s pixel art graphics contribute to the game’s laid-back atmosphere, most likely because they remind us of simpler times. The graphics that change with each season are also beneficial in that they show you the passage of time in a more subtle and introspective manner.

Of course, with each new level, the gardens change as well, with random plots as different as the veggies themselves. The plants not only come in a variety of hues that you must match in order to get a nice harvest, but they also look wonderful on your screen.

Grow, Match and Harvest

Arabilis: Super Harvest Review

Allow the vegetables to grow by matching their hue. They can be harvested or can grow to enormous proportions. Once you’ve harvested enough vegetables, you’ll be able to go on to the next season.

No Two Play Sessions Will Be Alike

Mother Nature is a fickle creature. Each season’s weather and animals may cause problems with your plans. There will never be another play session like this one. Each new season, a new garden is chosen at random, with its own set of weather conditions, risks, and things.

Relax Mode and Arabilis Mode

Arabilis has two game modes to choose from, depending on your mood. Do you want to take on a challenge? Then try Arabilis mode, which features a variety of gardens, weather conditions, goods, and animals, as well as increasingly tough seasons with each passing year.

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Then Relax mode is exactly what you need! There are no weather factors, animals, or goods in this scenario; it’s just you and the vegetables.


  • There are 40 different garden levels to choose from.
  • Four distinct seasons, each with its own appearance and feel.
  • Random items can be found in gardens.
  • Various weather conditions
  • Items that can be used
  • Crop-stealing or crop-manipulation animals.
  • Arabilis’ adorable mascot Ara will assist you through the game.
  • Select Arabilis Mode or Relax Mode to play.
  • Controls are simple and just require one finger.
  • A wealth of tutorials and guides
  • Leaderboards that can be seen offline.
  • Leaderboards on Google Play.
  • It is ad-free.
  • There are no in-app purchases.


  • Reduced the complexity of a certain spring garden somewhat.
  • Fixed an audio glitch while supersizing veggies.
  • Added an instructional prompt for new players.

Super Harvest Game

If you want to earn that lovely high score, more than the shape of the vegetables important, it’s the colors of each one. Each new foliage that appears in Arabilis: Super Harvest features certain nodes and colors that you’ll need to connect while planting them on your garden grid. Your plants will sprout roots if you tie colors and knots correctly, and you’ll eventually have a fuller crop to add to your harvest.

The harvesting is done mechanically and at predetermined intervals. When this happens, make sure all of your plants have roots; otherwise, they will be chipped and the small seeds will be killed. The problem is that you can only have a certain number of seeds that are dead before the game ends. When you add in the game’s random seasonal obstacles and pesky animals that ruin your crops, you get a roguelike-like experience.