GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE gives players the chance to defend themselves against the invaders.

In the midst of malevolent forces that actually threaten humanity’s existence, the humanoid weapons rise to the occasion and they are the last hope for a world that is dying. So, it is a post-apocalyptic world where humans actually live underground. It is a third-person shooting RPG game on mobile. You have to read on further to know all about GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE. Let’s begin!


People are living like there is a guarantee for tomorrow, but what really going to happen if the end of the world came without a warning? The invaders actually called the rapture, they suddenly attack. They came with no warning, no negotiation and there is no room for any preparations. So, all we could do was just watch in helpless horror, since the world, they knew and loved collapsed in a heartbeat

When the end of the world raged on in the midst of mindless slaughter, there were some humans who remain that were forced to retreat underground. They are now waiting until they could resurface as well as claim their homeland again. 

Now decades pass and humanity’s resilience brings forth a light at the end of the tunnel and humanoid weapons that are in the form of female soldiers. They are now all set to take back what humans have lost back there. Their Codename is Nikke and they carry the hope of humanity on their shoulders. The question is that will they succeed in their mission or not.

Graphics of NIKKE

This third-person shooting mobile game lets you take the control of humanoid weapons in order to defend yourselves from the invaders. The combat alone actually makes it clear that each and every new fight is going to be adrenaline pumping just like the last one. The realistic character movements add to the action-packed feel during the combat as well. Combat gives you one-handed control and all you guys have to do is just direct your Nikkes and they will then shoot, reload as well as fight for you.

The fact that each and every fight is different from the previous one is that the Nikkes have different specializations. These specializations can be more effective against particular types of foes. Such as a Nikke with a sniper rifle can actually help you to take down your enemies from afar, just hit their cores and that’s it. However, a Rocket Launcher can actually use its full potential in order to deal huge AOE damage against the group of these raptures. Let me tell you that a Rifle is really good for fast firing as well as fast reloading, however, a Shotgun can just clear out foes at close range whenever you guys are in a pinch.

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The foes themselves are really diverse just like your Nikkes, since they also have challenging attacks that you have to survive as well as protective shields that you have to turn off in order to put a dent in their armor too. Thankfully, Nikkes also have special Burst abilities that actually change from damage through full-screen missile bombs. This will basically support your skills that will boost your HP. All of this adds to the enjoyable experience of shooting down foes against beautiful backgrounds, with the really great animated illustrations of the Nikkes when they shoot, just take cover and just perform special skills for you as well. 

The Nikkes look really stunning because they are. Each and every one of them has a really unique look characteristic as well as personality that are charmingly revealed whenever you go through the main campaign. So, when the Nikkes interact with one another then you guys can also learn more about their backstories.

Game Content and Gacha Galore

So, NIKKE has just recently entered its closed beta testing phase and then the game is all set to collect as many characters as you guys can. Putting these gorgeous character designs of the humanoids aside, the world itself is also breathtaking. And not only this but the monsters also have meticulous designs that are pure eye candy as well.

Apart from The summons pool, this game also features a PvP mode, multiplayer cooperative shooting, map exploration, a tower defense mode as well as limited-time activities during these special events. This map exploration also lets you send out your Nikkes across many sectors not only for the main campaign, however, also for side quests. The main campaign is where you’ll encounter challenging Boss fights as well. You guys can also interact with many different elements on the field such as tumbling upon Raptures actually engages you in combat, however, encountering an NPC may trigger a unique event for you. You will also learn about ancient relics that can offer you a usable bonus as well as a fun little collectible.

GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE is going to be available soon and you can download it on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store as a free-to-play game along with in-app purchases. If If you guys are eager to get in on the action yourself. Then you can stay tuned for more announcements on the official website and the game’s Twitter page as well.


Well, writing all about this game makes me feel like this is a really good game to play. I will be downloading GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE and playing soon and I want to do the same if you like it. That’s all for today hope you guys like this article and also find it helpful to you. Please give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.