Our Picks of the Week – Best Games and New Releases

Sky Gamblers – Air Supremacy 2

Are you on the lookout for a new game to play? With so many games available in the market, it is hard to find a good one. Fret not, we have the best picks of the week.

Mobile gaming has progressed at a far faster rate than any other technology before it. We’re seeing an increasing number of premium game releases that push the limits of what phones can do, and even free-to-play games are improving. To be honest, there are some very good smartphone games. Some of these even compete with console and PC games or are available on PC, console, and mobile platforms. Although there are plenty of new games to try out on PC.

Our Picks of the Week

Shooters, platformers, puzzle games, adventure games, and more are among the titles available. We’ve compiled details of each, as well as lists of new and expired sales. Let’s get started.

Super Nanaru ($9.99)

Super Nanaru

SUPER NANARU, a new action side-scroller from the CFK game publishing firm, has been launched globally on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

SUPER NANARU is a game about Nanaru, a baker girl who sets out to find Yako, the bothersome devil who stole Nanaru’s whole stock of bread from her bakery.

Nanaru, a baker, embarks on a mission to return her stolen bread from a satan. This is a platformer in which the character rushes ahead robotically, rotating around when she encounters a wall. All you have to do now is determine when to take the leap. We’ve seen this type of factor before, especially on cells. To be honest, it appears to have five-dollar Change platformer energy, making it a little difficult to sell at double the price.

Arcade Archives Empire City: 1931 ($7.99)

Arcade Archives Empire City 1931

This Arcade Archives feature is a thorough dive. Seibu Kaihatsu is most known for the Raiden shooter series, although it has produced a few other titles. One of them is Empire City: 1931. It’s a gallery shooter with a comic book-style aesthetic. This is the type of game that you’d imagine would be played with a gun controller, but it’s done using a cursor instead. It’s adequate for the purpose. It’s not a must-have, but it’s an intriguing inclusion in Hamster’s collection.

Sky Gamblers – Air Supremacy 2 ($29.99)

Sky Gamblers – Air Supremacy 2

Atypical Video Games has released a follow-up to their wild aerial fight game, and it’s going for broke. There’s a fourteen-mission single-player story to complete, as well as a web-based multiplayer mode involving conflicts between groups of up to seven players. There are eighteen distinct planes to fly, each with a lot of various load-out options. There are seven different maps, a variety of modes, and many extras such as customized paint and insignia. Although the price is a touch high, if you’ve had a lot of fun with Atypical’s previous games, particularly in multiplayer, you’ll more than likely get your money’s worth here.

Hatsune Miku Jigsaw Puzzle ($14.00)

Hatsune Miku Jigsaw Puzzle

Well, it’s yet another Hatsune Miku-themed puzzle game. This time its jigsaw puzzles. You get 39 distinct scenes, and the puzzles can be one of three sizes, depending on how zesty a challenge you want. As you’d expect from a Hatsune Miku game, there are some songs to play along with. There are no contact controls available for any reason. Unless you really, really adore Miku, this is the worst jigsaw puzzle out of the seven hundred or so available on the eShop.

Nun Massacre ($5.99)

Nun Massacre

Here’s yet another terrifying first-person horror game in which strange monsters pursue you. This one has a PlayStation 1-style design, which is very cool. There appear to be several endings as well as a few secrets and ways to discover. Although this is probably not my cup of tea, I know a couple of you will enjoy it, so get your fork and knife ready.

Aery – Calm Mind 2 ($9.99)

Aery – Calm Mind 2

You play as a crow flying around beautiful locations, picking up trinkets, and following the tale. There are no opponents or dangers, only a few calm explorations. They wouldn’t create as many if people weren’t buying them, so I’m sure many people will be pleased to see another. I have my doubts that will be the final.

Darkness and Flame: The Dark Side ($6.99)

Darkness and Flame The Dark Side

Another installment in 5-BN Studio’s Darkness and Flame series of hidden object adventures. After a struggle with the Darkish Warrior, Alice finds herself on the Darkish Aspect, a location where regular people haven’t walked in a very long time. Worse, her flame energy appears to be dwindling. She needs to track down her companions and flee before all hope is lost. The routine consists of solving puzzles, playing minigames, conversing with strange persons, and staring at the footage.

World Soccer Kid ($2.99)

World Soccer Kid

How many times do you think you can bounce the ball in your head? That’s all there is to it. There are a variety of play modes available, as well as some native co-op options. The sketchbook artwork genre, at the very least, gives it a sense of taste.

Mini Words Collection ($3.99)

Mini Words Collection

This is a compilation of a few word games. There are three in total, totaling over a thousand levels of brain-teasing entertainment. The Pathfinders has you searching for words on a board to match pictures without crossing paths, Polyglot provides you a taste of other languages, and Mini Words has you unscrambling letters to construct words. If you enjoy word puzzles, this game will give you a lot of bang for your buck.

Disco Cannon Airlines ($0.99)

Disco Cannon Airlines

Launch your disco man into the air with a cannon and try to hit as many objects as you can to rack up a lot of points. If you’re going to put out a game of dubious value, at the very least make it cheap and ridiculous.