Thirsty Heroes is Coming to Android Very Soon

Thirsty Heroes

The game Thirsty Heroes is Coming up and it is Tavern Simulator for Dungeon Crawling. Before we get our hands on it, let’s check if it is worth the time or not.

A fantastic dungeon crawler is something we all like. We all appreciate a nice tavern. So any game that essentially combines those two elements would catch our curiosity. You must check out this article to learn everything there is to understand about Thirsty Heroes.

Bit By Bit Studios is now producing the game, and it’s available for pre-order on Kickstarter (it’s now 180 percent funded, which is fantastic). At the same time, you’re supposedly building a deck, fighting monsters, and running an alehouse. It’s said to have a low entry barrier and tweakable difficulty, allowing you to choose the level of challenge you want to face.

Thirsty Heroes

You will hire heroes through earning their trust at the bar, which sounds eerily similar to our lives a few years ago. You’ll go dungeon hunting, send out your heroes, battle opponents, and scavenge some loot.

There are hints of a variety of genres here, all wrapped together in a warm and inviting package. Thirsty Heroes is a dungeon crawler and bar simulator in one package. 

  • Additionally, there will be a deckbuilding war for PC, smartphones, and Nintendo Switch in 2023.
  • Thirsty Heroes is also a dungeon crawler for individuals who prefer strategy and management games.
  • Instead of an active battle, there are simplified RPG features.
  • So, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a beginner to the genre, the game is friendly.

Managing a Heroe’s Squad:

In Thirsty Heroes, by winning patrons’ trust at the tavern bar, you can hire them for dungeon-crawling. Simply offer energizing beverages, negotiate pay rates, and use revenues to develop your heroes and facilities. All while meeting the King’s requirements.

As if running your own kingdom wasn’t difficult enough, the princess of a neighboring realm has now succeeded to the throne, and her first acts as Empress have been… worrisome. If she’s a friend or foe, only time will tell.

Loop of the Gameplay:

You will be recruiting heroes, scouting for dungeons, and investigating the dungeons to uncover weaknesses while commanding your group from within the tavern. Then the heroes explore the dungeons and these heroes are well-suited to exploiting the faults. Then utilize the money you made on your expeditions to improve the castle and please the King.